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What is the Driver Education Program?

Students who are at least 14½ years old and are pursuing a high school diploma or GED can enroll in an approved driver education course provided through North Carolina high schools. A birth certificate or passport is required to enroll.

Driver education courses consist of two phases:

  • A classroom portion, which involves 30 hours of instruction and an eye exam
  • A driving phase, which involves 6 hours behind the wheel

Upon completion, students receive a Driver's Education Certificate, which allows them to apply for a Level One Limited Learner Permit at 15 years of age, the first level of North Carolina's graduated licensing process for drivers under age 18.


The parent or guardian authorizes the student to take part in the program on the basis that the student meets the physical requirements specified by law for the issuance of a motor vehicle operator's license. The student must be at least 14 years 6 months of age by the beginning of the class.  To enroll in this instruction, the student must meet all educational requirements to fulfill the state requirement (attendance, grades, behavior)


The cost of the Driver Education Course is $65.00 

Rules & Student Code of Conduct

Carolina Driver Ed, LLC and all of its instructors are licensed by the State of North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles.

The Driver Education Instruction should be a priority for successful completion.  If you know of any conflicts that would interfere with the commitment to a 30-hour classroom and 6 hours behind the wheel, please consider registering for a time frame with no conflicts in the schedule. This training is very important.

Respect and courtesy is an essential component of any social interaction. Any disrespect towards the instructors, staff, or fellow students will result in immediate dismissal from the class with a referral back to schedule with the student’s school facilitator.

Be sure all telephone numbers are up to date so if a student cancels a BTW session we may call you and get you into an earlier session.

Class Component

  • The class consists of 5 sessions of 6 hours each to equal 30 hours or 10 sessions of 3 hours to equal 30 hours. 
  • Students must arrive on time and remain for the entire session. No one will be admitted to class late. Any student who is late will need to reschedule the class. Please call 704-489-8199 with any concerns or problems regarding attendance. Students will have breaks in instruction to attend to their personal needs. Typically 10 minutes every 60 minutes.
  • Commitment is required for the full course of instruction.  Should an emergency arise, and the student misses 6 or more hours of instruction, they will be referred back to the facilitator at the student's school to reschedule for the entire course. 
  • All classroom instruction will be held at each corresponding school or virtually via Zoom.  The student must complete the instruction at the school in which they are registered full time.
  • A class average of 80% must be obtained through classwork, quizzes, and a final exam to pass this course. An 80% score on the state test conducted at the NCDMV is required to be eligible for your level 1 provisional permit. 
  • Students should come to class prepared with all materials for class and dressed appropriately – closed-toe shoes with a secure heel (tennis shoes, sneakers, boots, etc.) are required for class and the behind-the-wheel portion of instruction.  Some students may wish to bring a jacket during cooler months, as we may do some training outside around the car.  
  • An NCDMV eye evaluation must be conducted by a certified NC DMV eye evaluator.  Your scheduled eye exam will be conducted on school property during the course.  Bring glasses daily.  Parents are required to complete and sign the Instructional Permit (800 Form) before the eye evaluation can be completed. A student must not miss their scheduled eye evaluation.  NO EYE doctor can fulfill this requirement. Your student MAY NOT proceed to the behind-the-wheel instruction with our instructors until this form is complete.  These times are scheduled by the state and not able to be changed, therefore it is imperative to make this a top priority when registering.
  • While in class (virtual or in-person), students must be upright and visible from the shoulders up and be available to answer questions as asked by the instructor.  The instruction lesson should be your only focus.  Any failure to respond (virtual) or failing to participate in the class may cause the student to be dismissed from that day’s instruction.
  • Any student caught cheating on a test or exam shall be removed from the driver education program and re-entry into the program will be at the discretion of the Carolina Driver Ed, LLC. Operation Manager and LCS Transportation Chief Operations Manager.  
  • Please keep your hands to yourself at all times.  Students should refrain from playing, tagging, touching, pushing, or pinching others.  Students should refrain from holding hands and any other physical contact with significant others during instruction periods.
  • To participate virtually you must have a camera, a speaker, and internet that can handle a zoom meeting.  Download the Free application to ensure you have all of the equipment needed prior to starting class. Virtual meetings must be face to face which means a camera must be on and operational at all times except break periods.  Please locate a place with the least distractions.   The instructor will provide basic training on the use of ZOOM.  You may have your student watch this YouTube video to become more familiar.  (73) Zoom for Desktop Tutorial - YouTube

Behind The Wheel Component

  • Our classrooms and vehicles are smoke-free. We are COVID-free, following all updated CDC guidelines. Masks, sanitizer, and gloves will be available as needed. The car is sanitized before and after each driver. 
  • Carolina Driver Ed, LLC will provide instruction in dual-controlled automobiles from our fleet.  All fees must be paid in full to receive a guaranteed seat in the session you prefer. Failure to be paid in full will require the students’ enrollment to be moved to a class at a time the fees can be paid in full.
  • Under this agreement, an instructor may not provide behind-the-wheel training for more than two students per vehicle during any one block of the scheduled time. 
  • Each student is required to complete the SBTS 800 Form with your initial acknowledging the instruction you received. Upon completion of all instructions, you will sign the form agreeing that you received this instruction as listed on your individual 800 forms.  

What to expect at the DMV

Once a student has completed the driver education program and has been issued a Driver's Education Certificate, the student will be able to apply for a Level One Limited Learner Permit at 15 years of age at the North Carolinas DMV. 

We have included a list of tips and required resources below.

Before your trip to the DMV

Once your student completes 30 hours of class instruction and 6 hours of Behind the Wheel.  Your driving instructor will provide some suggestions of what your student can use more practice with.

Obtaining the Driver Eligibility Certificate

Take these documents to the Drivers Education Facilitator at your high school. They will issue a Driver Eligibility Certificate (This is proof that your student is in good standing and under NC Law is eligible to seek a driver's permit. Make an appointment for the DMV.)  This certificate is only valid for 30 days. Get your appointment before the certificate expires.

____ Driver Education Certificate

____ Birth Certificate  

____ Social Security Card 

____ Document proving physical address 

____ Required Documents for NC Real ID 

Items to bring to the DMV Permit Application

____ Birth Certificate  

____ Social Security Card 

____ Document proving physical address, 

____ Required Documents for NC Real ID

____Driver Eligibility Certificate (expires 30 days after issue)

____Driver Education Certificate (Does not expire unless you change addresses)

____ Cash or Check for $21.50 

More Helpful Information:

Sample DMV test questions:  

Drivers Handbook:  

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