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The 30 Hour Classroom is the course component of the Driver Education Program. Classes are held either virtually, or as a traditional class at one of our school locations.

Class Sessions are either 10 day sessions which are 3 hours each day after school.  Or 6 hours in length, over 5 days (Usually school breaks and summer). A class average of 80% must be obtained through class work, quizzes and a final exam to pass this course. A 80% score on the state test conducted at the NCDMV is required to be eligible for your level 1 provisional permit. 

The 30 hour class will provide students with their Driving Instructional Permit (800  forms needed to take the Behind the Wheel (BTW) Lessons).  

The NC DMV sends a representative to class to conduct a mandatory eye evaluation.  Students will be advised of the date and time of the eye evaluation.  Missing the eye evaluation or not having the 800 form complete will cause a students ability to advance to the Behind The Wheel portion delayed.  Students MUST bring eye glasses if they have them.  6 hours of behind the wheel lessons will follow completion of the class component. Once the student receives a passing grade, the instructor will enter the passing grade into the system which will open the portal to schedule BTW lessons.  You will be able to choose 3 (2 hour) sessions.  Upon the completion of the Classroom and BTW Lessons, students will be issued the certificate of Drivers Education Completion required for a graduated license.  (Currently it is a multi-part form issued by the BTW instructor.  In the near future it may arrive via Email)

Be certain to check email notifications regarding the procedure's that follow instructions to Prepare for your trip to NCDMV.

Be aware that a certificate of Student ELIGIBILITY is also required at the NC DMV.  This form is issued by Lincoln County Schools and is ONLY valid for 30 days.  Once you have your NC DMV appointment, obtain this from your school driver ed facilitator.

Requirements to enroll

  • Be at least 14 1/2 years of age at enrollment-first day of course.
  • Be pursuing a high school diploma or GED
  • Not have any disciplinary actions that would impede the Eligibility certificate.
  • Not have any failing grades.


5 day Course + BTW Lessons

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Traditional Classroom Details

The traditional classroom will be held at one of our School Locations. The student must complete the instruction at the school in which they are registered full time. 

Students should come to class prepared with all materials for class and  dressed appropriately – closed toe shoes with a secure heel (tennis shoes, sneakers, boots, etc.) are required for class and behind the wheel portion of instruction.  Some students may wish to bring a jacket during cooler months, as we may do some training outside around the car.  

Virtual Classroom Details

Virtual classes are held over zoom. To participate virtually you must have a camera, a speaker and internet that can handle a zoom meeting.  

Download the Free Zoom  application to ensure you have all of the equipment needed prior to starting class. Virtual meetings must be face to face which means a camera must be on and operational at all times except break periods.  Please locate a place with least distractions.   The instructor will provide basic training on the use of Zoom.  

You may have your student watch this YouTube video to become more familiar: Zoom for Desktop Tutorial - YouTube

Upcoming 5 Day Course - Summer Courses

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