Parents are the key to ensuring new drivers are prepared

By Kathy Allen
Parent Article

The supervised driving practice you engage in with your new driver is critical to building their foundation of safe driving and decreasing their chance of being involved in a collision in their first year.

Your student has been learning to drive since you turned their car seat around to face forward.  Did they learn safe driving habits?  Maybe there were a few things you might not want your student to do.  This is a great time to read the NCDMV handbook with your students.  

As a result, renew your commitment to safe driving. 

We encourage parents to get their teens out of the technology while in the car and have heads up to learn how to identify hazards.  Commentary driving is where we talk through what we see.  Please have your student tell you what they know while on the passenger side.  When they are in the driver's seat, they can continue this commentary driving and help you know they see the same hazards you see.  Perhaps they are missing you, and you can calmly share the hazard you see.

Many cell phone companies offer a free app for safe driving.  Teach your teen how to activate the app.  This will respond to text messages automatically with a specific message like, "I'm driving, I'll hit you back when I get their safe."  Or a particular message of choice.  Parents, knowing they are driving, try not to text them while they are driving. This sends a mixed message.  "Don't Text and Drive, but if I text you, you better answer," Let's leave it, "Do Not Text and drive!"

Make it a great learning experience,

Kathy S. Allen

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