Our Approved Program

Our program offers a 30-hour class course and a 6-hour, behind-the-wheel course training. Every aspect of the education provided by the LCS Driver Education program is in compliance with the guidelines and standards defined by the North Carolina Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Virtual Class

Open Enrollment - Zoom.com course is offered a limited number of times.  This is limited availability

Traditional Class

Classes are offered on campus in person at your school of enrollment or district school.

Behind The Wheel

6 hours of Behind the Wheel is included in all classroom packages and starts once you have completed the classroom instruction and eye evaluation.

Program Goals

A major objective of the Carolina Driver Education program is to provide high-quality driver education and traffic safety programs to the Lincoln County Public School students. Our cost-effective program helps students develop defensive driving skills and behavioral patterns to maximize driver and passenger safety throughout the state of North Carolina.

Promote lifetime learning opportunities in the field of traffic safety.

Develop behavior patterns involving defensive driving skills.

Coordinate LCS efforts with those of other organizations toward a common goal of driver/ passenger risk reduction.

Work with all appropriate and interested parties in the united effort to maximize traffic safety.

Driving Lessons

Your instructor is prepared in a duel break-controlled vehicle to teach the essentials of how to operate a motor vehicle.  Though we do all we can to provide you with the skills you will need, you will continue to learn from your parent/guardian as you use your learner's permit to gain more skills.

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You must possess a driving eligibility certificate. An individual must be: Between 15 and 17 years old; currently enrolled in school; making progress toward a high school diploma or GED. If not enrolled in school, an individual must show that they or their family would face substantial hardship if the individual did not receive a drivers license. This certificate is available at your school. 

The total cost of the complete program is $65 for 30 hours of classroom and 6 hours behind the wheel. 

Students are required to complete 30 hours of instruction. If time is missed, makeup is available. There is a fee. It is best not to miss, but talk with the instructor regarding any absent. If 6 or more hours are missed, the entire class must be taken over. 

  • 611 Certificate we provide upon completion of the course
  • Driving eligibility certificate from your school
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security number
  • Document proving physical address, two documents required to get real ID
  • Proof of liability insurance 
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